As a nurse since 1982, I have worked in Intensive Care, the ER, as a Flight Nurse, and as an Occupational Health Nurse. Currently I am the Deputy Coroner for our county. My degrees are from Kentucky Wesleyan College and Western Kentucky University.

My husband of 28 years and I, together, have 5 adult children, 16 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. We have a hobby farm where we operate an apiary, raise chickens, and have a new greenhouse where I plan to grow medicinal herbs, flowers, and vegetables.

Genealogy has been an interest since I was a child helping my mother research for her DAR membership, prior to computers. Being interested in my Irwin/Erwin heritage, I have visited Drum Castle twice. My hope is that Clan Irwin Association will continue to grow and preserve our heritage and use current (DNA) and future technology to reveal even more.