Our Benefits


Pride in belonging to a Scottish Clan Association and celebrating your Scottish heritage with like-minded individuals.

The Holly Leaf Chronicle – Our quarterly newsletter in full color (the electronic version) to communicate what is going on with our members and within the Association. Each edition includes pertinent information from Games and other activities, as well as reports on the business of the Association from the leadership.

The Holly Berry Bulletin – Our monthly (8 times a year) publication with short articles that are timely to keep members informed about coming events whether it be games or other activities. Recent news items are also shared and links to longer articles may be found here.

Fellowship, Friendship, and Leadership – As you interact with other members, you experience a fellowship as you share common interests whether it be Scottish music, Celtic dancing, or fine Scotch Whisky. Oftentimes you develop enduring friendships through these shared cultural experiences. It follows that leaders arise as more under-standing of the Association is gained. As an all-volunteer organization, we need Conveners, State and Regional Commissioners, and Officers. You are not too young or old if you have talents to share.

Genealogical Assistance – There are multiple ways Clan Irwin Association offers assistance.

  • We have an excellent relationship with Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana. They are the recognized repository for Clan Irwin Association records. They provide expert assistance to anyone with research records to share or those seeking information.
  • We have a Genealogy Committee comprised of members with extensive knowledge in research who can help point you in the right direction when you seem to have reached an impasse in your own research.
  • We have established a Genealogy Initiative that is an eight-point plan, including but not limited to gathering of Family Stories, gathering of Family Trees and utilizing WikiTree, and financially supporting the Clan Irwin Surname yDNA Study.
  • We have multiple resources located within our Members Only Section of this website.

Access to the Members Only Section of our Website which includes multiple categories of additional information such as archived editions of the Holly Leaf Chronicle and Holly Berry Bulletin, more music videos, our own Calendar of Events, and a large section of genealogical information and resources.

Virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) so that all members may attend.

DNA Studies for both yDNA and Autosomal DNA.

Shared Information from umbrella organizations such as COSCA, CASSOC, and NTSUSA.

Opportunity to donate including cultural scholarships, or specific endeavors at Drum Castle or Bonshaw Tower.

Receipt of a small portion of Clan Irwin Association Tartan, duly sanctioned by the Lord Lyon of Scotland.