I am a “Native Floridian”, in that I was actually born and raised in Florida. I attended Florida State University and received a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and my first post college job was in a lab, testing various drugs (not on or in myself). Eventually, I moved into programming of computers and systems programming. Following work at Convergys Corporation (formerly CBIS), I worked with computer equipment (network mostly) and telephone systems until I retired.

My hobbies are divided between playing with computers, playing trumpet and singing, and reading fiction. My favorite genre of singing is classical as I spent about 30 years in the
Bach Festival Choir here in Central Florida, which helped me learn to read German and Church Latin very well. I have no idea what I am reading (no comprehension, just how to pronounce the words).

My family came to America and settled in and around Kingstree, South Carolina in about 1732 and my branch of the family moved to Florida right after the Civil War in about 1867.