Holly Leaf Chronicle


Holly Leaf Chronicle

Please use the links below to download archival editions of the Holly Leaf Chronicle starting from 2020. If you would like older copies of the Chronicle, please email [email protected] - we would be happy to send them to you.


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Published quarterly, the Holly Leaf Chronicle is the Clan Irwin Associations newsletter for members.

The Holly Leaf Chronicle began publication in 1976, the year Clan Irwin Association was organized. It remains our flagship publication and includes a listing of officers and other leaders of the Association. Annual reports from officers are included as well as other business matters. There are articles about Highland Games and Festivals where our conveners host a tent, as well as other events. Genealogy articles are regularly featured, and we remember those who have passed by posting Flowers of the Forest when the information is available.

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Jacob Briggs, Graphic Artist and Editor of The Holly Leaf Chronicle

Archived Holly Leaf Chronicles

As a Clan Irwin Association member, you have access to all of the Holly Leaf Chronicles, both current and archival. Below are some links for you to use to download older editions.