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Welcome to the web-site of the Clan Irwin Surname DNA Study. This Study was launched in 2005, with the assistance of Kent Irvin, and the website was re-vamped in 2011 with the assistance of Rick Byers. Both the Study and the website remain under the aegis of the Clan Irwin Association (CIA), although CIA is not accountable for the content of this website.

This is Update No.21 of our Study.  Highlights include:

  • Our Study now has over 420 participants with STR test results.  27 of these have ordered BigY tests, of which 17 Border Irwins have their results, while over 50 Border Irwins have their results for the new L555 Pack Test.
  • Early results of the new Pack tests have been fascinating; they reveal:
    - the existence of more “sons” of L555;
    - that our tentative sub-groupings on Border Irwins (BA, BD, B10 etc.) are unreliable;
    - our rapidly evolving L555 haplotree can now identify SNPs within our known Border Irwin pedigrees.
  • To reflect these major advances the Study’s main Results table has been revised to incorporate SNPs and the L555 haplotree.
  • The text of the accompanying webpages has been given a major review to better explain these exciting developments.
  • I was invited to give the “Advanced” lecture at the Guild of One Name Studies’ Seminar on DNA at Gloucester in September.  An adapted version of my PowerPoint presentation is now posted on line at Supplementary Paper 9.  Despite the title I start at square one and participants who struggle with understanding DNA in general and SNPs in particular may find this a useful learning tool.
  • All Border Irwins who are not yet on the L555 haplotree (i.e. those numbered as items 75 through 277 on the accompanying Results table) are now strongly recommended to take the L555 SNP Pack test if/when they consider upgrading.  For details see "Choosing further tests", section 3.2. 

 For additional information please to the External Study Page

 James M Irvine,  Surrey, UK;
 Study Administrator, 2 November 2016;
Kit no. 29479;  ISOGG Member.